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std::return_temporary_buffer: std::return_temporary_buffer


std::return_temporary_buffer - std::return_temporary_buffer


Defined in header <memory>
template< class T > (deprecated in C++17)
void return_temporary_buffer( T* p ); (removed in C++20)

Deallocates storage previously allocated with std::get_temporary_buffer.


p - the pointer previously returned by std::get_temporary_buffer and not invalidated by an earlier call to return_temporary_buffer

Return value


Exceptions (since C++17)



// Run this code

  #include <algorithm>
  #include <iostream>
  #include <memory>
  #include <string>
  #include <iterator>

  int main()
      const std::string s[] = {"string", "1", "test", "..."};
      const auto p = std::get_temporary_buffer<std::string>(4);
      // requires that p.first is passed to return_temporary_buffer
      // (beware of early exit points and exceptions)

      std::copy(s, s + p.second,
                std::raw_storage_iterator<std::string*, std::string>(p.first));
      // requires that each string in p is individually destroyed
      // (beware of early exit points and exceptions)

      std::copy(p.first, p.first + p.second,
                std::ostream_iterator<std::string>{std::cout, "\n"});

      std::for_each(p.first, p.first + p.second, [](std::string& e) {




See also

get_temporary_buffer obtains uninitialized storage
                      (function template)
(deprecated in C++17)
(removed in C++20)