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std::scoped_allocator_adaptor<OuterAlloc,InnerAlloc...>::inner_allocator: std::scoped_allocator_adaptor<OuterAlloc,InnerAlloc...>::inner_allocator


std::scoped_allocator_adaptor<OuterAlloc,InnerAlloc...>::inner_allocator - std::scoped_allocator_adaptor<OuterAlloc,InnerAlloc...>::inner_allocator


Defined in header <scoped_allocator>
inner_allocator_type& inner_allocator() noexcept; (1) (since C++11)
const inner_allocator_type& inner_allocator() const noexcept; (2) (since C++11)

Obtains a reference to the inner allocator used to declare this scoped_allocator_adaptor.
If sizeof...(InnerAllocs) == 0, that is, no inner allocators were declared, returns *this. Otherwise returns a reference to std::scoped_allocator_adaptor<InnerAllocs...>, that is, a scoped allocator composed of all inner allocators of *this, with the first inner allocator becoming the outer allocator.



Return value

A reference to the inner allocator, which is itself a std::scoped_allocator_adaptor.

See also

                obtains an outer_allocator reference
outer_allocator (public member function)