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std::strcpy: std::strcpy


std::strcpy - std::strcpy


Defined in header <cstring>
char* strcpy( char* dest, const char* src );

Copies the character string pointed to by src, including the null terminator, to the character array whose first element is pointed to by dest.
The behavior is undefined if the dest array is not large enough. The behavior is undefined if the strings overlap.


dest - pointer to the character array to write to
src - pointer to the null-terminated byte string to copy from

Return value



// Run this code

  #include <iostream>
  #include <cstring>
  #include <memory>

  int main()
      const char* src = "Take the test.";
  // src[0] = 'M'; // can't modify string literal
      auto dst = std::make_unique<char[]>(std::strlen(src)+1); // +1 for the null terminator
      std::strcpy(dst.get(), src);
      dst[0] = 'M';
      std::cout << src << '\n' << dst.get() << '\n';


  Take the test.
  Make the test.

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