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std::time_get<CharT,InputIt>::date_order,std::time_get<CharT,InputIt>::do_date_order: std::time_get<CharT,InputIt>::date_order,std::time_get<CharT,InputIt>::do_date_order


std::time_get<CharT,InputIt>::date_order,std::time_get<CharT,InputIt>::do_date_order - std::time_get<CharT,InputIt>::date_order,std::time_get<CharT,InputIt>::do_date_order


Defined in header <locale>
public: (1)
dateorder date_order() const;
protected: (2)
virtual dateorder do_date_order() const;

1) Public member function, calls the protected virtual member function do_date_order of the most derived class.
2) Returns a value of type std::time_base::dateorder, which describes the default date format used by this locale (expected by get_date() and produced by std::strftime() with format specifier '%x').
The valid values (inherited from std::time_base) are:

no_order the format contains variable items (week day, Julian day, etc), or this function is not implemented
dmy day, month, year (European locales)
mdy month, day, year (American locales)
ymd year, month, day (Asian locales)
ydm year, day, month (rare)



Return value

A value of type dateorder


This function is optional, it may return no_order in every case.


// Run this code

  #include <iostream>
  #include <locale>

  void show_date_order()
      std::time_base::dateorder d = std::use_facet<std::time_get<char>>(
      switch (d)
          case std::time_base::no_order: std::cout << "no_order\n"; break;
          case std::time_base::dmy: std::cout << "day, month, year\n"; break;
          case std::time_base::mdy: std::cout << "month, day, year\n"; break;
          case std::time_base::ymd: std::cout << "year, month, day\n"; break;
          case std::time_base::ydm: std::cout << "year, day, month\n"; break;

  int main()
      std::cout << "In U.S. locale, the default date order is: ";

      std::cout << "In Japanese locale, the default date order is: ";

      std::cout << "In German locale, the default date order is: ";


  In U.S. locale, the default date order is: month, day, year
  In Japanese locale, the default date order is: year, month, day
  In German locale, the default date order is: day, month, year

See also

do_get_date extracts month, day, and year from input stream
            (virtual protected member function)
            defines date format constants
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