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std::type_info::operator==,std::type_info::operator!=: std::type_info::operator==,std::type_info::operator!=


std::type_info::operator==,std::type_info::operator!= - std::type_info::operator==,std::type_info::operator!=


bool operator==( const type_info& rhs ) const;
bool operator!=( const type_info& rhs ) const;

Checks if the objects refer to the same types.


rhs - another type information object to compare to

Return value

true if the comparison operation holds true, false otherwise


// Run this code

  #include <iostream>
  #include <typeinfo>
  #include <string>
  #include <utility>

  class person

     person(std::string&& n) : _name(n) {}
     virtual const std::string& name() const{ return _name; }


      std::string _name;

  class employee : public person

       employee(std::string&& n, std::string&& p) :
           person(std::move(n)), _profession(std::move(p)) {}

       const std::string& profession() const { return _profession; }


       std::string _profession;

  void somefunc(const person& p)
     if(typeid(employee) == typeid(p))
        std::cout << << " is an employee ";
        auto& emp = dynamic_cast<const employee&>(p);
        std::cout << "who works in " << emp.profession() << '\n';

  int main()
     employee paul("Paul","Economics");


  Paul is an employee who works in Economics

See also

       checks whether the referred type precedes referred type of another type_index
before object in the implementation defined order, i.e. orders the referred types
       (public member function)