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std::uses_allocator<std::priority_queue>: std::uses_allocator<std::priority_queue>


std::uses_allocator<std::priority_queue> - std::uses_allocator<std::priority_queue>


template< class T, class Container, class Compare,class Alloc >
struct uses_allocator<priority_queue<T,Compare,Container>,Alloc> : (since C++11)
std::uses_allocator<Container, Alloc>::type { };

Provides a transparent specialization of the std::uses_allocator type trait for std::priority_queue: the container adaptor uses allocator if and only if the underlying container does.

Inherited from std::integral_constant

Member constants

value true
         (public static member constant)

Member functions

              converts the object to bool, returns value
operator bool (public member function)

operator() returns value
              (public member function)

Member types

Type Definition
value_type bool
type std::integral_constant<bool, value>

See also

uses_allocator checks if the specified type supports uses-allocator construction
               (class template)