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timeGrid_: Recombining trinomial tree class.


QuantLib::TrinomialTree - Recombining trinomial tree class.


#include <ql/methods/lattices/trinomialtree.hpp>

Inherits Tree< TrinomialTree >.

Public Types

enum Branches { branches = 3 }

Public Member Functions

TrinomialTree (const boost::shared_ptr< StochasticProcess1D > &process, const TimeGrid &timeGrid, bool isPositive=false)

Real dx (Size i) const

const TimeGrid & timeGrid () const

Size size (Size i) const

Real underlying (Size i, Size index) const

Size descendant (Size i, Size index, Size branch) const

Real probability (Size i, Size index, Size branch) const

Protected Attributes

std::vector< Branching > branchings_

Real x0_

std::vector< Real > dx_

TimeGrid timeGrid_

Detailed Description

Recombining trinomial tree class.

This class defines a recombining trinomial tree approximating a 1-D stochastic process.


The diffusion term of the SDE must be independent of the underlying process.


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