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      C++ Travel Customer Choice Model Library


#include <travelccm/...>


aims at providing a clean API, and the corresponding C++ implementation, for choosing one item among a set of travel solutions, given demand-related characteristics (e.g., Willingness-To-Pay, preferred airline, preferred cabin, etc.).

The ${PROJECT_NAME} C++ library implements some simple Customer Choice Models (CCM), as referenced in the literature (PhD dissertations at MIT, for instance:

The ${PROJECT_NAME} C++ library exposes a simple, clean and object-oriented, API. For instance, the choose() method takes, as input, both a structure representing the travel request (e.g., from Washington, DC, US, to Beijing, China, on the 25th of May) and a list of travel solutions (as provided by the Airline Schedule Manager project:, and yields, as output, the chosen item.

The output can then be used by other systems, for instance to book the corresponding travel or to visualise it on a map and calendar and to share it with others.

${PROJECT_NAME} makes an extensive use of existing open-source libraries for increased functionality, speed and accuracy. In particular the Boost (C++ Standard Extensions: library is used.


Please report any bugs to


Copyright © 2009-2011 Denis Arnaud

See the COPYING file for more information on the (LGPLv2+) license, or directly on Internet: 


travelccm(1), travelccm-config(1)