upscli_init (3) - Linux Manuals

upscli_init: Initialize upsclient module specifying security properties.


upscli_init - Initialize upsclient module specifying security properties.


#include <upsclient.h>

int upscli_init(int certverify, const char *certpath,
                       const char *certname, const char *certpasswd);


The upscli_init() function initialize upsclient module and set many SSL-related properties: certverify to 1 makes certificate verification required for all SSL connections and certpath is the location of certificate database.

If compiled with OpenSSL, certpath refers to a .pem file containing certificates and if compiled with NSS, certpath refers to a directory containing database files.

If compiled with NSS and using SSL, you can specify certname the name of the certificate to send to upsd and certpasswd the password used to decrypt certificate private key.

You can call upscli_add_host_cert(3) to register specific host security policy before initialize connections to them.

You must call upscli_cleanup(3) when exiting application.


The upscli_init() function returns 1 on success, or -1 if an error occurs.