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wl_listener -

A single listener for Wayland signals.


#include <wayland-server.h>

Public Attributes

struct wl_list link

wl_notify_func_t notify

Detailed Description

A single listener for Wayland signals.

wl_listener provides the means to listen for wl_signal notifications. Many Wayland objects use wl_listener for notification of significant events like object destruction.

Clients should create wl_listener objects manually and can register them as listeners to signals using wl_signal_add, assuming the signal is directly accessible. For opaque structs like wl_event_loop, adding a listener should be done through provided accessor methods. A listener can only listen to one signal at a time.

struct wl_listener your_listener;

your_listener.notify = your_callback_method;

/* Direct access */
wl_signal_add(&some_object->destroy_signal, &your_listener);

/* Accessor access */
wl_event_loop *loop = ...;
wl_event_loop_add_destroy_listener(loop, &your_listener);

If the listener is part of a larger struct, wl_container_of can be used to retrieve a pointer to it:

* void your_listener(struct wl_listener *listener, void *data)
* {
*       struct your_data *data;
*       your_data = wl_container_of(listener, data, your_member_name);
* }

If you need to remove a listener from a signal, use #wl_list_remove.

* wl_list_remove(&your_listener.link);

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