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zmq_z85_encode: encode a binary key as Z85 printable text


zmq_z85_encode - encode a binary key as Z85 printable text


char *zmq_z85_encode (char *dest, const uint8_t *data, size_t size);


The zmq_z85_encode() function shall encode the binary block specified by data and size into a string in dest. The size of the binary block must be divisible by 4. The dest must have sufficient space for size * 1.25 plus 1 for a null terminator. A 32-byte CURVE key is encoded as 40 ASCII characters plus a null terminator.

The encoding shall follow the ZMQ RFC 32 specification.


The zmq_z85_encode() function shall return dest if successful, else it shall return NULL.


Encoding a CURVE key.

#include <sodium.h>
uint8_t public_key [32];
uint8_t secret_key [32];
int rc = crypto_box_keypair (public_key, secret_key);
assert (rc == 0);
char encoded [41];
zmq_z85_encode (encoded, public_key, 32);
puts (encoded);


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