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cups-files: file and directory configuration file for cups


cups-files.conf - file and directory configuration file for cups


The cups-files.conf file configures the files and directories used by the CUPS scheduler, cupsd(8). It is normally located in the /etc/cups directory.

Each line in the file can be a configuration directive, a blank line, or a comment. Comment lines start with the # character.


The following directives are understood by cupsd(8). Consult the on-line help for detailed descriptions:
AccessLog filename
AccessLog syslog
AccessLog journal

Defines the access log filename.
ConfigFilePerm mode

Specifies the permissions for all configuration files that the scheduler writes.
DataDir path

Specified the directory where data files can be found.
DocumentRoot directory

Specifies the root directory for the internal web server documents.
ErrorLog filename
ErrorLog syslog
ErrorLog journal

Specifies the error log filename.
FatalErrors none
FatalErrors all -kind [... -kind]
FatalErrors kind [... kind]

Specifies which errors are fatal, causing the scheduler to exit. "Kind" is "browse", "config", "listen", "log", or "permissions".
FileDevice Yes
FileDevice No

Specifies whether the file pseudo-device can be used for new printer queues.
FontPath directory[:directory:...]

Specifies the search path for fonts.
Group group-name-or-number

Specifies the group name or ID that will be used when executing external programs.
LogFilePerm mode

Specifies the permissions for all log files that the scheduler writes.
PageLog filename
PageLog syslog
PageLog journal

Specifies the page log filename.
Printcap filename

Specifies the filename for a printcap file that is updated automatically with a list of available printers (needed for legacy applications); specifying Printcap with no filename disables printcap generation.
RemoteRoot user-name

Specifies the username that is associated with unauthenticated root accesses.
RequestRoot directory

Specifies the directory to store print jobs and other HTTP request data.
ServerBin directory

Specifies the directory where backends, CGIs, daemons, and filters may be found.
ServerCertificate filename

Specifies the encryption certificate to use.
ServerKey filename

Specifies the encryption key to use.
ServerRoot directory

Specifies the directory where the server configuration files can be found.
SyncOnClose Yes
SyncOnClose No
Specifies whether the scheduler calls fsync(2) after writing configuration or state files. The default is Yes.
SystemGroup group-name [group-name ...]

Specifies the group(s) to use for System class authentication.
TempDir directory

Specifies the directory where temporary files are stored.
User user-name

Specifies the user name or ID that is used when running external programs.


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