ksysguarddrc (5) - Linux Manuals

ksysguarddrc: ksysguardd configuration


ksysguarddrc - ksysguardd configuration


ksysguardd uses a configuration file at /etc/ksysguarddrc.


There are 2 sections of configuration in the ksysguardd configuration file: LogFiles, Sensors.

[LogFiles] OPTIONS

the list of all available logfiles messages:/var/log/messages,kern:/var/log/kern.log,daemon:/var/log/daemon.log,syslog:/var/log/syslog,auth:/var/log/auth.log

[Sensors] OPTIONS

Sensors: the list of all accessible sensors
Apm             Advanced Power Management
Acpi            Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
CpuInfo         CPU-Clock information
DiskStat        partition space. Data comes from mtab, getmntent() and statfs()
DiskStats       disk throughput. Data comes from /etc/diskstats
LmSensors       information about motherboard and CPU
LoadAvg         system load values
LogFile         local logfiles
Memory          physical memory and swap
NetDev          throughput of network interfaces
NetStat         number of TCP/UDP/ICMP/Unix sockets
ProcessList     current processes
SoftRaid        Monitors software raid devices. See mdadm.
Stat            interrupts, CPU and disk throughput. Data comes from /etc/stat
Uptime          System uptime. Data comes from /etc/uptime Sensors=ProcessList,Memory,Stat,NetDev,NetStat,Apm,Acpi,CpuInfo,LoadAvg,LmSensors,DiskStat,LogFile,DiskStats,Uptime,SoftRaid