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lsmd.conf.5: libStorageMgmt daemon lsmd configuration file.


lsmd.conf - libStorageMgmt daemon lsmd configuration file.


The libStorageMgmt plugin daemon (lsmd) will read the lsmd.conf file in the folder defined via --confdir (default is /etc/lsm/).

The daemon reads the plugin configuration files from the sub-folder pluginconf.d. The plugin configuration file should be named as <uri_scheme>.conf, for example:

 MegaRAID plugin (megaraid://):   megaraid.conf

The lsmd.conf file controls the global settings for lsmd while the plugin configuration file for each plugin controls individual plugin behavior.

Each option line of the configuration file should contain a trailing semicolon(;).

lsmd.conf OPTIONS

allow-plugin-root-privilege = true;

Indicates whether the lsmd daemon should keep running as root mode and invoke plugin as root user when needed.

Without this option or with option set as false means that the daemon and the plugins will never run as root.

Only when all the following requirements are met, will lsmd run specified plugins as root user:

 1. "allow-plugin-root-privilege true;" in lsmd.conf
 2. "require-root-privilege true;" in plugin config
 3. API connection (or lsmcli) has root privileges


require-root-privilege = true;

Indicates plugin requires root privilege. Without this line or set as false, the plugin will never be invoked as root user by lsmd.

Please check lsmd.conf option allow-plugin-root-privilege for detail.


Please report bugs to <libstoragemgmt-devel [at]>


Gris Ge <fge [at]>


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