abrt-RunApp (7) - Linux Man Pages


RunApp plugin for abrt(8)


abrt is a daemon that watches for application crashes. When a crash occurs, it collects the crash data and takes action according to its configuration. This manual page describes the RunApp plugin for abrt. This plugin is used to run a specified application when the crash occurs.


The plugin is invoked in the abrt.conf configuration file. The first parameter is the command to run. The second, optional parameter specifies an output file, to which the standard output of the program is saved.


There is no configuration file, the plugin parameters are sufficient.


These are snippets from the abrt.conf configuration file. 1) Each time something crashes, print (and save in a text file) which processes are running on the system.

ActionsAndReporters = RunApp("ps ax","processes.txt") 2) When proftpd crashes, restart it.

CCpp:proftpd = RunApp("/etc/init.d/proftpd restart")


Written by Zdenek Prikryl <zprikryl [at] redhat.com>. Manual page by Daniel Novotny <dnovotny [at] redhat.com>.


abrt(8), abrt.conf(5), abrt-plugins(7)