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edb-sqlite: eurephia SQLite3 database driver


edb-sqlite - eurephia SQLite3 database driver


The edb-sqlite database driver is used to enable SQLite3 database in eurephia. The SQLite3 database is file based and requires no server setup at all.

The database driver takes only one argument, which is a full path to the database file.b


eurephia-auth - This is configured via the OpenVPN configuration file.
plugin eurephia-auth.so "-i edb-sqlite.so -- <full path to database file>"
Plese notice the double dashes. They are separating the arguments between the eurephia-auth module and the database driver.
eurephia_init - This is set via the command line
user [at] server:~ $ eurephia_init --database-driver edb-sqlite.so \ --database-args "<full path to DB file>"
eurephiadm - This is configured in the ~/.eurephia/eurephiadm.cfg file
database_driver = edb-sqlite.so
database_params = <full path to DB file>


Copyright (C) 2008-2010 David Sommerseth <dazo [at] users.sourceforge.net>