mvn_install (7) - Linux Manuals

mvn_install: install Maven artifacts


mvn_install - install Maven artifacts


%mvn_install [-X] [-J directory]


mvn_install macro installs Maven artifacts into %buildroot.

Specification of artifacts to be installed is taken from .xmvn-reactor file. This file can be populated using mvn_build and/or mvn_artifact macros.

Specification how artifacts should be installed is taken from installer settings section in XMvn configuration. See XMvn Configuration Reference for more information. Macros mvn_alias(7), mvn_build(7), mvn_compat_version(7), mvn_config(7), mvn_file(7) and mvn_package(7) are capable of writing configuration that can affect behavior of mvn_install.



Enable debugging output. This option causes XMvn installer to write verbose debugging information to standard output.

-J directory

Specify alternative API documentation directory. By default API documentation is searched for in target/site/apidocs directory. The -J option allows to override this default location.


Written by Mikolaj Izdebski.


Bugs should be reported through Red Hat Bugzilla at m[blue][].