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pom_change_dep: change dependency in Maven POM file or Ivy module


pom_change_dep - change dependency in Maven POM file or Ivy module


%pom_change_dep [OPTIONS] SOURCE_ARTIFACT CHANGED_ARTIFACT [POM-location]... [extra-XML]

%pom_change_dep [OPTIONS] SOURCE_ARTIFACT CHANGED_ARTIFACT [Ivy-module-location]... [extra-XML]



Work in recursive mode. That means that given dependency is also changed in all enabled submodules of given POM file(s). Has no effect if the file is not Maven POM.


Do not throw an error when one of the specified files doesn't contain given dependency.


These macros patch specified POM or Ivy file changing a dependency on given Maven artifact specified by artifact coordinates to artifact specified by second set of Maven coordinates. The artifact specification has same format as %pom_add_dep. The omitted or empty parts in second artifact specification cause the original value to be left unmodified. Supplying a special value of - for given part causes that part of artifact specification to be deleted.

POM location can be either a full path to the POM or Ivy file, or a path to the directory containing pom.xml or ivy.xml. If POM location is not given then pom.xml or ivy.xml from current working directory is used. When both pom.xml and ivy.xml are present, pom.xml is processed. You can specify more file locations which will be processed.

Extra XML is additional XML code to be added into the <dependency> node. This parameter can be ommited, in which case no extra XML is appended.


pom_change_dep foo: com.example.foo: - this call changes groupId of all dependencies which have groupId foo to com.example.foo. Their artifactId, versions and other possible parts are left unmodified.


Written by Michael Simacek.


Bugs should be reported through Red Hat Bugzilla at m[blue]http://bugzilla.redhat.com/m[].