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amorad: Amora (A Remote Mobile Assistant) daemon


amorad - Amora (A Remote Mobile Assistant) daemon


amorad [options]


Amora is an application that enables you to control your PC desktop using a cellphone. It uses bluetooth to send mouse and keyboard events to the graphical session. With it you can control your slides in, movies or any other application. Amora also has a screenshot feature, where you can see a thumbnail in the cellphone screen of the currently focused window in your desktop.

The server (amorad) is written in C using Xlib and XTest to send events for X session and the POSIX socket API for I/O. It must be started by the user, inside a valid X session.


Help (usage) message
Set a specific path for the log file
Show program version and exit


In order to use amora, you need a mobile phone with amora-client installed and running. The current client is implemented in Python for S60 (Nokia cellphones).


See the current bugs and open new ones in the project website.


Author: Adenilson Cavalcanti da Silva

Contributions from: Ademar de Souza Reis Jr., Alexis Younes, Thiago Marcos Santos, Wilson Prata and others;