ccs_config_validate (8) - Linux Manuals





ccs_config_validate [options]


Print this help, then exit
Print program version information, then exit
Produce verbose output

Validating XML configuraton files:

-f configfile
Validate an alternate config file without preloading it with default values.
-l configfile
Validate an alternate config file with preloading of default values (recommended option).

Advanced options:

Force validation of runtime config
-C config_loader
Override config plugin loader
-t tempfile
Force temporay file to tempfile
Do not remove temporary file
Overwrite temporary file (dangerous)


Default operation for ccs_config_validate is to load the currently configured environment and verify the outcoming configuration.
Example 1: current environment uses a configuration file (/etc/cluster/cluster.conf).
The user modifies cluser.conf and executes ccs_config_validate without options. The tool will validate the modified cluster.conf after including default values.
Example 2: current environment is set to load the configuration from LDAP. Users
modifies LDAP databse and before pushing the change to the nodes, she/he can issue ccs_config_validate to verify the contents o the LDAP database automatically (as long as the correct LDAP environment is set in the cman/cluster sysconfig/defaults files).