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ceph-conf: ceph conf file tool


ceph-conf - ceph conf file tool


ceph-conf -c conffile --list-all-sections
ceph-conf -c conffile -L
ceph-conf -c conffile -l prefix
ceph-conf key -s section1 ...
ceph-conf [-s section ] --lookup key
ceph-conf [-s section ] key


ceph-conf is a utility for getting information about a ceph configuration file. As with most Ceph programs, you can specify which Ceph configuration file to use with the -c flag.


ceph-conf will perform one of the following actions:

--list-all-sections or -L prints out a list of all the section names in the configuration file.

--list-sections or -l prints out a list of all the sections that begin with a given prefix. For example, --list-sections mon would list all sections beginning with mon.

--lookup will search the configuration for a given value. By default, the sections that are searched are determined by the Ceph name that we are using. The Ceph name defaults to client.admin. It can be specified with --name.

For example, if we specify --name osd.0, the following sections will be searched: [osd.0], [osd], [global]

You can specify additional sections to search with --section or -s. These additional sections will be searched before the sections that would normally be searched. As always, the first matching entry we find will be returned.

Note: --lookup is the default action. If no other actions are given on the command line, we will default to doing a lookup.


To find out what value osd 0 will use for the "osd data" option:

ceph-conf -c foo.conf  --name osd.0 --lookup "osd data"

To find out what value will mds a use for the "log file" option:

ceph-conf -c foo.conf  --name mds.a "log file"

To list all sections that begin with osd:

ceph-conf -c foo.conf -l osd

To list all sections:

ceph-conf -c foo.conf -L


ceph-conf is part of Ceph, a massively scalable, open-source, distributed storage system. Please refer to the Ceph documentation at http://ceph.com/docs for more information.


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