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dnf.plugin.config_manager: DNF config-manager Plugin


dnf.plugin.config_manager - DNF config-manager Plugin

Manage main DNF configuration options, toggle which repositories are enabled or disabled, and add new repositories.


dnf config-manager [options] <repo>...


Display / modify specified repository. If not specified display / modify main DNF configuration.


Show this help.
Add (and enable) the repo from the specified file or url.
Print dump of current configuration values to stdout.
Disable the specified repos (automatically saves).
Enable the specified repos (automatically saves).
Save the current options (useful with --setopt).


dnf config-manager --add-repo http://example.com/some/additional.repo
Download additional.repo and store it in repodir.
dnf config-manager --add-repo http://example.com/different/repo
Create new repo file with http://example.com/different/repo as baseurl and enable it.
dnf config-manager
Display main DNF configuration.
dnf config-manager repo
Display configuration of repo.
dnf config-manager --set-enabled repo
Enable repo and make the change permanent.
dnf config-manager --setopt proxy=http://proxy.example.com:3128/ repo1 repo2 --save
Update proxy setting in repo1 and repo2 and make the change permanent.


See AUTHORS in your Core DNF Plugins distribution


2014, Red Hat, Licensed under GPLv2+