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fedora-ksplice-create: Create a set of kernel modulesfor a rebootless kernel update


fedora-ksplice-create - Create a set of kernel modulesfor a rebootless kernel update


fedora-ksplice-create [OPTIONS] [KERNELVERSION] [PATCH]


Fedora-ksplice-create allow to patch a kernel without the need to reboot the system to activate the patched kernel.

If you specified the KERNELVERSION argument, fedora-ksplice-create may be use the downloaded kernel sources for the specified kernel version.

Please keep in mind, that you must boot the system with this specified kernel version, if you want to apply the generated kernel patch via Ksplice-apply.


-v, --verbose
Verbose output
-c, --config CONFIGFILE
Define configure file for ksplice
Specifies a uniue value that will be used as the identifier of the Ksplice update. This identifier will be, for example, apper in the name of the update tarball. By default, a random 8-character ID be be generated.
--patch-opt OPTIONS
Can be used to pass options to the patch(1). if this option is NOT specified, then -p1 is passed to patch. If this option is specified, then only the specified options will be passed to patch.


Written by Jochen Schmitt


Report bugs to to <Jochen [at] herr-schmitt.de>


Copyright © 2008 Jochen Schmitt License GPLv3+ GNU GPL version 3 or later <http://www.gnu.org/license/gpl.html>
Tnis is free software: you are free to chage and redistribute it. There is NO WARRENTY, to the extent permitted by law.


ksplice-create(8), ksplice-apply(8)