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glite-lb-msg-brokers: manipulate messaging brokers information


glite-lb-msg-brokers - manipulate messaging brokers information


glite-lb-msg-brokers [OPTIONS] find|list


glite-lb-msg-brokers has two different modes of operation. In all cases, it manipulates information about messaging brokers and reports a (possibly empty) list of broker URIs, one per line.
list all the URIs declared in the BDII, optionally filtered by network
the list functionality described above plus filter by GlueServiceStatus

A fatal error (e.g. cannot contact the BDII) will halt the program. A warning (e.g. a given URI cannot be contacted) will be reported unless --quiet is used. Both will be sent to STDERR.

The exit status will be 0 on success (with or without warnings) or different from 0 in case of a fatal error.


--bdii string
specify the name or name:port of the BDII to contact; this can also be a list, separated by commas or semicolons; if not set, it defaults to $LCG_GFAL_INFOSYS
--cache path
specify the path of a file to update with the list of URIs; if this is set, nothing will be printed on STDOUT; note: if the list is empty, the file will not be updated
--debug, -d
report debugging information; can be used multiple times for increased verbosity
--help, -h, -?
show some help
--manual, -m
show the complete man page
--network string
consider only the brokers for this network (for example PROD or TEST-NWOB)
--quiet, -q
suppress the printing of warnings
--sort, -s
sort the brokers per elapsed time to perform the test


host[:port] of the BDII to contact


Please report all bugs to CESNET gLite L&B issue tracker available at


Lionel Cons <>

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