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hosted-engine: Tools for handling hosted engine


hosted-engine - Tools for handling hosted engine


hosted-engine [--help] <command> [<command-args>]


The hosted-engine command deploys a virtual machine that you can install oVirt Open Virtualization Manager on to. The Manager installation on your hosted-engine virtual machine can manage the host it is running on. The hosted-engine command can also be used to start, stop and access the hosted-engine virtual machine.


Show the help message and exit.

The following commands are available:
--deploy [options]
Run the ovirt-hosted-engine-setup command to deploy the hosted-engine virtual machine.
--vm-start [--vm-conf=<file>]
Start VM on this host. --vm-conf=<file> can be optionally used to load an alternative vm.conf file as a recovery action.
Start VM on this host with qemu paused.
Gracefully shutdown the VM on this host.
Forcefully poweroff the VM on this host.
--vm-status [--json]
Show the VM status, in machine-readable format if --json is given.
--add-console-password [--password=<password>]
Create a temporary password for VNC/SPICE connections to the hosted-engine virtual machine.
Open the configured console using virsh on localhost.
Checks whether the hosted engine has been deployed.
Checks liveliness page of engine.
Manually connect the storage domain to the local VDSM instance.
--set-maintenance --mode=<mode>
Set maintenance status to the specified mode:
global - Allow the administrator to start/stop/modify the engine VM without any worry of interference from the HA agents.
local - Allow the administrator to maintain this host. Note that if you have only 2 nodes and one is in maintenance, there is only one host available to run the engine VM.
none - Resume HA functionality.
--clean_metadata [--force-cleanup] [--host-id=<id>]
Remove host's metadata from the global status database.
--reinitialize-lockspace [--force]
Reinitialize the sanlock lockspace file. This WIPES all locks.
Upgrade the engine appliance.
Rollback using a backup saved in a previous upgrade attempt.

For additional information about a specific command try:
hosted-engine <command> --help