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iscsistart: iSCSI boot tool


iscsistart - iSCSI boot tool


iscsistart [OPTION]


iscsistart will start a session using the settings passed in, or using the iBFT or Open Firmware [OF] boot information. This program should not be run to manage sessions. Its primary use is to start sessions used for iSCSI root boot.


Set InitiatorName to name (Required if not using iBFT or OF)
Set TargetName to name (Required if not using iBFT or OF)
Set target portal group tag to N (Required if not using iBFT or OF)
Set IP address to A.B.C.D (Required if not using iBFT or OF)
Set port to N (Optional. Default 3260)
Set username to N (Optional)
Set password to N (Optional)
Set incoming username to N (Optional)
Set incoming password to N (Optional)
Print debugging information
Create a session to the target using the iBFT or OF info
Bring up the network as specified by iBFT or OF
Print the iBFT or OF info to STDOUT
Set the parameter with the name NAME to VALUE. NAME is one of the settings in the node record or iscsid.conf. Multiple params can be passed in.
Display this help and exit
Display version and exit


Open-iSCSI project <>
Mike Christie <mchristi [at]>