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mydnscheck: Check zone data for consistency and syntax.


mydnscheck - Check zone data for consistency and syntax.


mydnscheck [-c, --consistency] [-C, --consistency-only] [-D, --database=dbname] [-h, --host=hostname] [-p, --password[=password]] [-u, --user=username] [-v, --verbose] [--help] [--version] [ZONE...]


mydnscheck scans the zones named on the command line for syntax. If no zones are specified, all zones are scanned. If the -c (or -C) option is specified, additional database consistency checks are performed. The program writes all results to stdout in a format that both humans and computers should be able to read. Each problem found is listed on a separate line, with a TAB character in between each field. The fields listed are: MESSAGE .. SOA ID .. RR ID .. NAME .. TTL .. TYPE .. DATA If stderr is a terminal, a progress meter is displayed if scanning all zones.


-c, --consistency
Perform database consistency checks in addition to the usual syntax checks
-C, --consistency-only
Skip the syntax checks and only perform the database consistency checks.
-D, --database=dbname
Use the database called dbname.
-h, --host=hostname
Connect to database server at hostname.
-p, --pass=password
Supply password when connecting to the database server. If the password argument is omitted, it will be prompted on the tty.
-u, --user=username
Use username when connecting to the database server.
-v, --verbose
Enable verbose output while running.
Display program help and exit.
Output version number and exit.


Don Moore <bboy [at]> Howard Wilkinson <howard [at]>



mydns(8), mydns.conf(5), mydnsexport(8), mydnsimport(8)