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networkd-dispatcher: Dispatcher service for systemd-networkd connection status changes


networkd-dispatcher - Dispatcher service for systemd-networkd connection status changes


networkd-dispatcher [-h] [-S SCRIPT_DIR] [-T] [-v] [-q]


Dispatcher daemon for systemd-networkd connection status changes. This daemon is similar to NetworkManager-dispatcher, but is much more limited in the types of events it supports due to the limited nature of systemd-networkd(8).

Desired actions (scripts) are placed into directories that reflect systemd-networkd operational states under SCRIPT_DIR and are executed when the daemon receives the relevant event from systemd-networkd.

The daemon listens for signals from systemd-networkd over dbus, so it should be very light on resources (e.g. no polling). It is meant to be run as a system-wide daemon (as root). This allows it to be used for tasks such as starting a VPN after a connection is established.


-h, --help

Print command-line syntax and program options to stdout.

-S, --script-dir=SCRIPT_DIR

Location under which to look for scripts. Like the PATH environment variable, this may contain multiple directories separated by : and in case multiple directories have scripts with the same name, the earliest directory wins. Defaults to /etc/networkd-dispatcher:/usr/lib/networkd-dispatcher.

-T, --run-startup-triggers

Generate events reflecting preexisting state and behavior on startup. This can be used to ensure that triggers are belatedly run even if networkd-dispatcher is invoked after systemd-networkd has already started an interface.

-v, --verbose

Increase verbosity by one level. The default level is WARNING. Each use of -v will increment the log level (towards INFO or DEBUG), and each use of -q will decrement it (towards ERROR or CRITICAL).

-q, --quiet

Decrease verbosity by one level.


The systemd service reads /etc/default/networkd-dispatcher as an environment file for additional daemon arguments.

The scripts to be run on network changes are in subdirectories routable.d/, dormant.d/, no-carrier.d/, off.d/, carrier.d/, degraded.d/, configured.d, configuring.d/ inside SCRIPT_DIR. The default value for SCRIPT_DIR is /etc/networkd-dispatcher:/usr/lib/networkd-dispatcher.

For information about the network operational states exposed by systemd, see networkctl(1).




systemd-networkd(8), networkctl(1)