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ng-update: Initng runlevel configuration tool.


ng-update - Initng runlevel configuration tool.


ng-update a|add script1 [script2 ...] [runlevel1] [runlevel2 ...]
ng-update d|del|delete script1 [script2 ...] [runlevel1] [runlevel2 ...]
ng-update s|show|view [script] [runlevel]


ng-update allows you to control/show which services are started by initng. Yo can add and delete services to/from different runlevels. To find out which services are available take a look at /etc/initng/[daemon|net|system].


a, add
Add one or more scripts to one or more runlevels. If runlevel is left blank the script will be added to every runlevel.
d, del
Delete one or more scripts from one or more runlevels. If runlevel is left blank the script will be deleted from every runlevel.
s, show, view
Shows the scripts started in the passed runlevel(s).
A script found in /etc/initng/[daemon|net|system] which should be added/removed.
The form is [daemon|net|system]/script_without_i. Take a look in the examples section.
The runlevel the script(s) should be added to/deleted from. Normally this should be "default", some times "system".
Take a look at /etc/initng/*.runlevel


Use ng-update add system/alsasound default to add alsasound to the runlevel default.
Use ng-update del system/alsasound to remove alsasound from every runlevel.
Use ng-update del system/alsasound default to remove alsasound from the runlevel default.
Use ng-update show to show all available services and their runlevel (if existing).


initng was written by Jimmy Wennlund <jimmy.wennlund [at]> and can be found at

This manual page was written by Armin Berres <a.berres [at]>.


initng(8) ngc(8), ngdc(8), gen_system_runlevel(8), install_service(8), system_off(8).