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nutop: display top NUFW Users


nutop - display top NUFW Users


nutop [ -help ] [ -c config file ] [ -delay refresh delay (seconds) ] [ -line number of lines to display ] [ -databasetype mysql/pgsql ] [ -host db host ] [ -user db username ] [ -pass db password ] [ -databasename db database name ] [ -tablename db table ] [ -port db port ]


This manual page documents the nutop command.

Nutop is to be used by administrators willing to view users activity on a NuFW server, in real time. The display is designed to look a lot like the well known top command, as far as general layout is concerned.

The default configuration file (containing SQL connections parameters) is located at /etc/nufw/nutop.conf. If decided to customize it to their needs, care should be taken about file permissions on that file, as it might let any user of the system access to the NuFW connection tracking database.

Original packaging and informations and help can be found from


Issues usage details and exits.
-c config file
Specifies config file to read SQL parameters from. Default is /etc/nufw/nutop.conf
-delay number
Specifies a rate to refresh display. This parameter is interpeted as a number of seconds. Default is 2s.
-line number
Number of lines to display. Default : 20
-databasetype mysql/pgsql
Type of database to connect to. Default is mysql. This setting also sets the default port setting.
-host hostname/IP
IP address or FQDN of database we connect to. Default value :
-user username
Database username to connect as. Default is "nutop"
-pass password
Password to use to connect to database.
-databasename name of database
Name of database we connect to. Default is "nulog"
-tablename name of table
Name of SQL table to use for queries. Default is "ulog"
-port TCP port
TCP numeric port to use for database connection. Default is 3306 if databasetype is mysql, 5432 if pgsql.


Nufw was designed and coded by Eric Leblond, aka Regit (<eric [at]>) , and Vincent Deffontaines, aka gryzor (<vincent [at]>). Original idea in 2001, while working on NSM Ldap support.

This manual page was written by Vincent Deffontaines

Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 2 as published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts and no Back-Cover Texts.


nuauth(8), nufw(8)