opadownloadall (8) - Linux Man Pages



(Linux) Copies one or more files to a group of hosts from a system. Since the file contents to copy may be different for each host, a separate directory on this system is used for the source files for each host. This can also be used in conjunction with opauploadall to upload a host-specific configuration file, edit it for each host, and download the new version to all the hosts.

NOTE: The tool opadownloadall can only copy from this system to a group of hosts in the cluster. To copy files from hosts in the cluster to this host, use opauploadall.


opadownloadall [-rp] [-f hostfile] [-d download_dir] [-h 'HOSTS'] [-u user] source_file ... dest_file


Produces full help text.

Performs copy in parallel on all hosts.

Performs recursive download of directories.

-f hostfile
File with hosts in cluster. The default is /etc/sysconfig/opa/hosts.

-d download_dir
Directory to download files from. The default is downloads. If not specified, the environment variable DOWNLOADS_DIR is used. If that is not exported, the default is used.

List of hosts to download files to.

-u user
User to perform the copy. The default is the current user code.

NOTE: The user@ style syntax cannot be used in the arguments to opadownloadall.

The name of files to copy from the system. Multiple files may be listed. The option source_file is relative to download_dir/hostname. A local directory within download_dir/ must exist for each host being downloaded to. Each downloaded file is copied from download_dir/hostname/source_file.

The name of the file or directory on the destination hosts to copy to.

If more than one source file is specified, dest_file is treated as a directory name. The given directory must already exist on the destination host. The copy fails for hosts where the directory does not exist.


opadownloadall -h 'arwen elrond' irqbalance vncservers /etc/sysconfig
# Copies two files to 2 hosts

opadownloadall -p irqbalance vncservers /etc/sysconfig
# Copies two files to all hosts

Environment Variables

The following environment variables are also used by this command:

List of hosts; used if -h option not supplied.

File containing list of hosts; used in absence of -f and -h.

When the -p option is used, maximum concurrent operations are performed.

Directory to download from, used in absence of -d.