opashowallports (8) - Linux Man Pages



(Switch and Host) Displays basic port state and statistics for all host nodes, chassis, or externally-managed switches.

NOTE: opareport and opareports are more powerful Intel(R) Omni-Path Fabric Suite FastFabric commands. For general fabric analysis, use opareport or opareports with options such as -o errors and -o slowlinks to perform an efficient analysis of link speeds and errors.


opashowallports [-C] [-f hostfile] [-F chassisfile] [-h 'hosts']
[-H 'chassis'] [-S]


Produces full help text.
Performs operation against chassis. Default = host.
-f hostfile
File with list of hosts in cluster. Default is /etc/sysconfig/opa/hosts file.
-F chassisfile
File with list of chassis in cluster. Default is /etc/sysconfig/opa/chassis file.
-h hosts
List of hosts for which to show ports.
-H chassis
List of chassis for which to show ports.
Securely prompts for password for admin on chassis.

Environment Variables

The following environment variables are also used by this command:

List of hosts, used if -h option not supplied.

List of chassis, used if -C is used and -H and -F options not supplied.

File containing list of hosts, used in absence of -f and -h.

File containing list of chassis, used in absence of -F and -H.

How to log into chassis. Can be Telnet or SSH.

Password for admin on all chassis. Used in absence of -S option.


opashowallports -h 'elrond arwen'
HOSTS='elrond arwen' opashowallports
opashowallports -C
opashowallports -H 'chassis1 chassis2'
CHASSIS='chassis1 chasssi2' opashowallports


When performing opashowallports against hosts, internally SSH is used. The command opashowallports requires that password-less SSH be set up between the host running the Intel(R) Omni-Path Fabric Suite FastFabric Toolset and the hosts opashowallports is operating against. The opasetupssh FastFabric tool can aid in setting up password-less SSH.

When performing operations against chassis, Intel recommends that you set up SSH keys (see opasetupssh ). If SSH keys are not set up, Intel recommends that you use the -S option, to avoid keeping the password in configuration files.

When performing opashowallports against externally-managed switches, a node with Intel(R) Omni-Path Fabric Suite FastFabric Toolset installed is required. Typically, this is the node from which opashowallports is being run.