opatop (8) - Linux Manuals



Starts the opatop Text User Interface (TUI) menu to display performance, congestion, and error information about a fabric. Refer to Intel(R) Omni-Path Fabric Suite FastFabric User Guide

for additional details.


opatop [-v] [-q] [-h hfi] [-p port] [-i seconds]



Produces full help text.

-v/--verbose level
Verbose output level. Value is additive and includes:

1 Screen

4 STDERR opatop

16 STDERR PaClient

Disables progress reports.
-h/--hfi hfi
HFI, numbered 1..n. Using 0 specifies that the -p port is a system-wide port number. Default is 0.

-p/--port port
List of local HFI ports used to access fabrics for counter clear. Default is first active port. The first HFI in the system is 1. The first port on an HFI is 1.

Uses the format hfi:port, for example:

0:0 First active port in system.

0:y Port y within system.

x:0 First active port on HFI x.

x:y HFI x, port y.

-i/--interval seconds
Interval in seconds at which PA queries are performed to refresh to the latest PA image. Default = 10 seconds.

-h and -p options permit a variety of selections:

-h 0
First active port in system (default).

-h 0 -p 0
First active port in system.

-h x
First active port on HFI x.

-h x#8217#160;-p 0
First active port on HFI x.

-h 0 -p y
Port y#8217#160; within system (no matter which ports are active).

-h x#8217#160;-p y
HFI x, port y.