opaxlattopology_cust (8) - Linux Manuals



Customizable script for documenting cluster topology. Provides an alternative to the standard script (see opaxlattopology ). Edit the sample topology_cust.xlsx to represent each external link in a cluster, then modify opaxlattopology_cust to translate the alternate CSV form to the standard CSV form used by opaxlattopology.


opaxlattopology_cust -t topology_prime[-s topology_second] -T topology_out
[-v level] [-i level] [-c char] [-K] [-?]


-t topology_prime
Primary topology CSV input file. Specifies the primary CSV input file and must be present.

-s topology_second
Secondary topology CSV input file. Specifies a secondary CSV input file. Appended to the primary for processing.

-T topology_out
Topology CSV output file. Specifies the CSV output file name and must be specified.

-v level
Verbose level. Range = 0 - 8, default = 2.

0 No output.

1 Progress output.

2 Reserved.

4 Time stamps.

8 Reserved.

-i level
Screen output indent level. Range = 0 - 15, default = 0.

-c char
Concatenation character, used for Cable Label values. A space is used by default, but another character, such as underscore, can be specified.

Does not clean temporary files. Prevents temporary files from being removed. Temporary files contain CSV data used during processing. Temporary files are not needed after the standard-format CSV file is created, but they can be retained for subsequent inspection or processing.

Prints this output.


Each link contains source, destination, and cable fields with one link per row of the spreadsheet. Link fields must not contain commas. Source and Destination fields are each a concatenation of name and port information in the following forms. Names not of the form ib or C are assumed to be host names.

The following lists the Node Type : Source/Destination :

Host :
host N where N is a host number.
Edge Switch :
ib N p N where N is a switch/port number.
Core Leaf :
C n L nnn p N where N/n is a host/switch/port number.

Cable values, CableLength, and CableDetails are optional and have no special syntax. If present, they are placed in the standard-format CSV file exactly as they appear. CableLabel is created automatically by opaxlattopology_cust as the concatenation of Source and Destination (see -c option).

Rack Group and Rack are not supported in topology_cust.xlsx. Therefore, opaxlattopology_cust leaves these fields empty in the standard-format CSV file.