opaxmlfilter (8) - Linux Manuals



Processes an XML file and removes all specified XML tags. The remaining tags are output and indentation can also be reformatted. opaxmlfilter is the opposite of opaxmlextract.


opaxmlfilter [-t|-k] [-l] [-i indent] [-s element] [-P param_file] [ input_file]


Trims leading and trailing whitespace in tag contents.

In tags with purely whitespace that contain newlines, keep newlines as-is. Default is to format as an empty list.

Adds comments with line numbers after each end tag. This can make comparison of resulting files easier since original line numbers are available.

-i indent
Sets indentation to use per level. Default is 4.

-s element
Name of the XML element to suppress. Can be used multiple times (in any order).

-P param_file
Uses input command line options (parameters) from param_file.

XML file to read. Default is stdin.