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ovdb_init: Prepare ovdb database for use


ovdb_init - Prepare ovdb database for use


ovdb_init ["-u"|"-r"]


This command must be run before any other process can access the overview database. It performs the following steps:
Creates the database environment, if necessary
If the database is idle (and if the "-u" option is not specified), it performs a normal recovery. The recovery will remove stale locks, recreate the memory pool cache, and repair any damage caused by a system crash or improper shutdown.
If the "-u" option is specified, it performs any necessary upgrades to the database. See the UPGRADING section below.
Starts the DB housekeeping processes (ovdb_monitor) if they're not already running. (Unless the "-r" option is specified).
Starts the ovdb readserver (ovdb_server) processes if readserver in ovdb.conf is true, and if they are not already running. (Unless the "-r" option is specified).

Returns exit status of 0 if all steps were completed successfully. In the event of an error, messages are written to syslog and/or stderr.

If a recovery was attempted but it failed, the database may be damaged beyond repair, requiring a rebuild with makehistory(8).

This command is normally invoked automatically by rc.news(8).

It is OK to run this command multiple times.


Perform recovery only. "ovdb_monitor" is not started.
Perform any needed upgrades. Recovery is not attempted. "ovdb_monitor" is started if the upgrade succeeded.


There are two situations in which the database will need to be upgraded:
You upgrade the Berkeley DB library to a newer version, for example from 2.7.7 to 3.1.17. In this case, the Berkeley DB db->upgrade() method is used.
You upgrade ovdb to a newer major version; i.e., ovdb-1.0 to ovdb-2.0.

In both of these cases, the database is upgraded in-place; and the upgrade can not be undone. Do not interrupt the upgrade process once it has started, because there is a risk of irrepairable corruption. The upgrade may take several minutes to complete. If an upgrade does get interrupted, try running the upgrade again.

Here's an example procedure to upgrade a database created with Berkeley DB 2.7.7 to use Berkeley DB 3.1.17:

Build and install the Berkeley DB 3.1.17;
Run configure in the INN source tree and make sure it picks up the right Berkeley DB directory (e.g., /usr/local/BerkeleyDB.3.1);
Do a "make";
Shut down INN (e.g., with "rc.news stop") and be sure to kill all instances of nnrpd as well;
Do a "make update" to install the new binaries;
Run "ovdb_init -u" as the news user;
Start INN with "rc.news".

It is OK to specify "-u" even if no upgrades are needed.


Written by Heath Kehoe <hakehoe [at] avalon.net> for InterNetNews.

$Id: ovdb_init.pod 9766 2014-12-07 21:08:08Z iulius $


ovdb(5), makehistory(8)