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puppet-secret_agent: Mimics puppet agent.


puppet-secret_agent - Mimics puppet agent.


puppet secret_agent action


This subcommand currently functions as a proof of concept, demonstrating how the Faces API exposes Puppet's internal systems to application logic; compare the actual code for puppet agent. It will eventually replace puppet agent entirely, and can provide a template for users who wish to implement agent-like functionality with non-standard application logic.


Note that any configuration parameter that's valid in the configuration file is also a valid long argument, although it may or may not be relevant to the present action. For example, server and run_mode are valid configuration parameters, so you can specify --server <servername>, or --run_mode <runmode> as an argument.

See the configuration file documentation at http://docs.puppetlabs.com/references/stable/configuration.html for the full list of acceptable parameters. A commented list of all configuration options can also be generated by running puppet with --genconfig.

--render-as FORMAT
The format in which to render output. The most common formats are json, s (string), yaml, and console, but other options such as dot are sometimes available.
Whether to log verbosely.
Whether to log debug information.


synchronize - Run secret_agent once.
puppet secret_agent
Mimics a single run of puppet agent. This action does not currently daemonize, but can download plugins, submit facts, retrieve and apply a catalog, and submit a report to the puppet master.
Verbose logging from the completed run. When used from the Ruby API: returns a Puppet::Transaction::Report object.
This action requires that the puppet master's auth.conf file allow save access to the facts REST terminus. Puppet agent does not use this facility, and it is turned off by default. See http://docs.puppetlabs.com/guides/rest_auth_conf.html for more details.



Trigger a Puppet run with the configured puppet master:

$ puppet secret_agent


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