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redhat-upgrade-tool: Red Hat Upgrade tool


redhat-upgrade-tool - Red Hat Upgrade tool


redhat-upgrade-tool [OPTIONS] SOURCE


redhat-upgrade-tool is the Red Hat Upgrade tool.

The redhat-upgrade-tool client runs on the system to be upgraded. It determines what packages are needed for upgrade and gathers them from the source(s) given. It also fetches and sets up the boot images needed to run the upgrade and sets up the system to perform the upgrade at next boot.

The actual upgrade takes place when the system is rebooted, using the boot images set up by redhat-upgrade-tool. The upgrade initrd starts the existing system (mostly) as normal, lets it mount all the local filesystems, then starts the upgrade.

When the upgrade finishes, it reboots the system into the newly-upgraded OS.


Optional arguments

-h, --help

Show a help message and exit.

-v, --verbose

Print more info.

-d, --debug

Print lots of debugging info.

--debuglog DEBUGLOG

Write debugging output to the given file. Defaults to /var/log/redhat-upgrade-tool.log.


Automatically reboot to start the upgrade when ready.


These options tell redhat-upgrade-tool where to look for the packages and boot images needed to run the upgrade. At least one of these options is required.

--device [DEV]

Device or mountpoint of mounted install media. If DEV is omitted, redhat-upgrade-tool will scan all currently-mounted removable devices (USB disks, optical media, etc.)

--iso ISO

Installation image file.

--network VERSION

Online repos matching VERSION (a number or "rawhide")

Multiple sources may be used, if desired.

Additional options for --network

--enablerepo REPOID

Enable one or more repos (wildcards allowed).

--disablerepo REPOID

Disable one or more repos (wildcards allowed).

--addrepo REPOID=[@]URL

Add the repo at URL. Prefix URL with @ to indicate that the URL is a mirrorlist.

--instrepo REPOID

Get upgrader boot images from the repo named REPOID. The repo must contain a valid .treeinfo file which points to the location of usable kernel and upgrade images.

Cleanup commands


Remove any modifications made to bootloader configuration.


Clean up everything written by redhat-upgrade-tool.


redhat-upgrade-tool --network 7.0 --instrepo <repo URL>

Upgrade to RHEL 7.0 by downloading all needed packages and data from the specified repository.

redhat-upgrade-tool --device --network 7.0

Upgrade to RHEL 7.0 using install media mounted somewhere on the system, fetching updates from the network if needed.





Cancelled by user, failure writing files to disk, or other unknown error


Failed to download/copy files from the given SOURCE


RPM upgrade transaction test failed


The --iso image must be on a filesystem listed in /etc/fstab.


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