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sas_disk_blink: blink the LED on a SAS disk


sas_disk_blink - blink the LED on a SAS disk


sas_disk_blink [--help] [--set NUM] [--verbose] DEVICE


This bash shell script attempts to blink the LED on the SAS disk referred to by DEVICE. By default the LED will blink for 30 seconds. This is meant to help identify which disk corresponds to a given DEVICE.

The script use the sdparm utility and manipulates the "Ready LED Meaning" (RLM) field in the Protocol specific port mode page in order to blink the LED.


Arguments to long options are mandatory for short options as well.
-h, --help
print out the usage message then exit.
-s, --set NUM
when NUM is 0 then the RLM field is cleared. When NUM is 1 then the RLM field is set. When NUM > 1 then the SAS disk LED is made to blink for NUM seconds. If this option is not given then the SAS disk LED is made to blink for 30 seconds.
-v, --verbose
increase level or verbosity.


The exit status of this script is 0 when it is successful. Otherwise the exit status is that of the last sdparm utility called. See the sdparm(8) man page.


Written by D. Gilbert


Copyright © 2013 Douglas Gilbert
This software is distributed under a FreeBSD license. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.


sdparm (sdparm)