setsebool (8) - Linux Man Pages

setsebool: set SELinux boolean value


setsebool - set SELinux boolean value


setsebool [ -PNV ] boolean value | bool1=val1 bool2=val2 ...


setsebool sets the current state of a particular SELinux boolean or a list of booleans to a given value. The value may be 1 or true or on to enable the boolean, or 0 or false or off to disable it.

Without the -P option, only the current boolean value is affected; the boot-time default settings are not changed.

If the -P option is given, all pending values are written to the policy file on disk. So they will be persistent across reboots.

If the -N option is given, the policy on disk is not reloaded into the kernel.

If the -V option is given, verbose error messages will be printed from semanage libraries.


This manual page was written by Dan Walsh <dwalsh [at]>. The program was written by Tresys Technology.


getsebool(8), booleans(8), togglesebool(8), semanage(8)