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smp_rep_broadcast: invoke REPORT BROADCAST SMP function


smp_rep_broadcast - invoke REPORT BROADCAST SMP function


smp_rep_broadcast [--broadcast=BT] [--help] [--hex] [--interface=PARAMS] [--raw] [--sa=SAS_ADDR] [--verbose] [--version] SMP_DEVICE[,N]


Sends a SAS Serial Management Protocol (SMP) REPORT BROADCAST function request to an SMP target. The SMP target is identified by the SMP_DEVICE and the --sa=SAS_ADDR. Depending on the interface, the SAS_ADDR may be deduced from the SMP_DEVICE. The mpt interface uses SMP_DEVICE to identify a HBA (an SMP initiator) and needs the additional ,N to differentiate between HBAs if there are multiple present.


Mandatory arguments to long options are mandatory for short options as well.
-b, --broadcast=BT
BT is the broadcast type, an integer in the range 0 (default) to 15. Broadcast (Change) corresponds to 0. Other known broadcast types are listed in the NOTES section. BT may be decimal (default) or hexadecimal prefixed by '0x' (or '0X') or with a 'h' (or 'H') suffix.
-h, --help
output the usage message then exit.
-H, --hex
output the response (less the CRC field) in hexadecimal.
-I, --interface=PARAMS
interface specific parameters. In this case "interface" refers to the path through the operating system to the SMP initiator. See the smp_utils man page for more information.
-r, --raw
send the response (less the CRC field) to stdout in binary. All error messages are sent to stderr.
-s, --sa=SAS_ADDR
specifies the SAS address of the SMP target device. The mpt interface needs this option and it will typically be an expander's SAS address. The SAS_ADDR is in decimal but most SAS addresses are shown in hexadecimal. To give a number in hexadecimal either prefix it with '0x' or put a trailing 'h' on it.
-v, --verbose
increase the verbosity of the output. Can be used multiple times.
-V, --version
print the version string and then exit.


The following is a list of broadcast types:
0 Broadcast (Change)
1 Broadcast (Reserved change 0)
2 Broadcast (Reserved change 1)
3 Broadcast (SES)
4 Broadcast (Expander)
5 Broadcast (Asynchronous event)
6 Broadcast (Reserved 3)
7 Broadcast (Reserved 4)
8 Broadcast (Zone activate)

The remaining zone types (9 to 15) may be issued by the ZONED BROADCAST function.


The SMP REPORT BROADCAST function was introduced in SAS-2 .


Written by Douglas Gilbert.


Report bugs to <dgilbert at interlog dot com>.


Copyright © 2011-2012 Douglas Gilbert
This software is distributed under a FreeBSD license. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.


smp_utils, smp_zoned_broadcast(smp_utils)