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telepathy-rakia: Telepathy connection manager for SIP


telepathy-rakia - Telepathy connection manager for SIP




telepathy-rakia implements the Telepathy D-Bus specification for the Session Initiation Protocol, allowing Telepathy clients like empathy(1) to connect to Voice over IP providers that implement SIP.

It is a D-Bus service which runs on the session bus, and should usually be started automatically by D-Bus activation. However, it might be useful to start it manually for debugging.


There are no command-line options.


May be set to "all" for full debug output, or various undocumented options (which may change from release to release) to filter the output.
May be set to the name of a file to overwrite with log messages. The filename may be prefixed with + to append messages to an existing file instead of overwriting it.
May be set to any value to avoid telepathy-rakia's usual automatic exit when there have been no connections for a few seconds.
May be set to any value to print all parsed SIP messages at the transport layer (this functionality is provided by the underlying Sofia-SIP library, which also offers various more specialized debugging options).