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update-updmap - generate updmap.cfg files for all the system trees


update-updmap [option ... ]


This manual page documents update-updmap, a program that was written for the Debian distribution.


update-updmap is used to generate updmap(1)Ns's and updmap-sys8Ns's configurations files /var/lib/texmf/updmap.cfg-TEXLIVEDIST which is the link target of /usr/share/texlive/texmf-dist/web2c/updmap.cfg and /var/lib/texmf/updmap.cfg-DEBIAN which is the link target of /usr/share/texmf/web2c/updmap.cfg from the files with names ending in `.cfg' located in /var/lib/tex-common/fontmap-cfg/texlive/ and /var/lib/tex-common/fontmap-cfg/texmf/ respectively.

Any TeX package shipping map files in one of the trees /usr/share/texlive/texmf-dist or /usr/share/texmf should also provide files in one of the above directories containing the respective lines for updmap.cfg file.

In order to configure (enable additional entries, disable system provided entries, etc), the normal updmap(1) mechanism should be used. Please see the man page details.


Executes additional checks that all necessary files are present in the kpathsea database. Don't use this in maintainer scripts.
don't write anything to the standard output during normal operation
print a summary of the command-line usage of update-updmap and exit
output version information and exit

Note that the -v option, which turns on verbose mode, is deprecated. We are currently in a transition phase where quiet mode is still the default (therefore, --quiet has no effect), but update-updmap will be verbose by default as soon as enough packages use --quiet in their maintainer scripts.


The `.cfg' files under /var/lib/tex-common/fontmap-cfg/ should contain valid configuration lines for updmap(1). Usually, they will consist of lines of following one of these forms:
Map <foo.map>
MixedMap <bar.map>
KanjiMap <baz.map>

The MixedMap form should only be used if the font is available in both bitmap and scalable formats (this way, it won't be declared in the default map file for Dvips that is used when dvipsPreferOutline is set to `false' in updmap.cfg )

The KanjiMap form should only be used for map files defining Japanese font maps.




update-updmap returns 0 on success, or a strictly positive integer on error.


This manual page was written by An -nosplit An Atsuhito Kohda Aq kohda [at] debian.org and updated by An Florent Rougon Aq f.rougon [at] free.fr and An Frank Kuester Aq frank [at] debian.org for the Debian distribution (and may be used by others).