usb_queue_reset_device (9) - Linux Manuals

usb_queue_reset_device: Reset a USB device from an atomic context


usb_queue_reset_device - Reset a USB device from an atomic context


void usb_queue_reset_device(struct usb_interface iface);



USB interface belonging to the device to reset


This function can be used to reset a USB device from an atomic context, where usb_reset_device won't work (as it blocks).

Doing a reset via this method is functionally equivalent to calling usb_reset_device, except for the fact that it is delayed to a workqueue. This means that any drivers bound to other interfaces might be unbound, as well as users from usbfs in user space.

Corner cases:

- Scheduling two resets at the same time from two different drivers attached to two different interfaces of the same device is possible; depending on how the driver attached to each interface handles ->pre_reset, the second reset might happen or not.

- If the reset is delayed so long that the interface is unbound from its driver, the reset will be skipped.

- This function can be called during .probe. It can also be called during .disconnect, but doing so is pointless because the reset will not occur. If you really want to reset the device during .disconnect, call usb_reset_device directly -- but watch out for nested unbinding issues!