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bibtexu: UTF-8 Big BibTeX


bibtexu - UTF-8 Big BibTeX


bibtexu [options] aux-file


BibTeXu is the Unicode-compliant version of BibTeX. It is largely based on Niel Kempson's BibTeX8, and it provides a better support for UTF-8 by integrating ICU library. Therefore, BibTeXu no longer requires the Codepage and Sort order ("CS") file; instead, the method of sorting and case-changing can be controled via command-line options.


-? --help
display some brief help text.
-d --debug TYPE
report debugging information. TYPE is one or more of all, csf, io, mem, misc, search.
-s --statistics
report internal statistics.
-t --trace
report execution tracing.
-v --version
report BibTeX version.
-l --language LANG
use language LANG to convert strings to low case. This argument is passed to ICU library.
-o --location LANG
use language LANG for sorting. This argument is passed to ICU library.
-B --big
set large BibTeX capacity.
-H --huge
set huge BibTeX capacity.
-W --wolfgang
set really huge BibTeX capacity for Wolfgang.
-M --min_crossrefs ##
set min_crossrefs to ##.
--mstrings ##
allow ## unique strings.


BibTeXu was written by Yannis Haralambous and his students. This manpage was written for TeX Live.


More detailed description of BibTeXu is available at $TEXMFDIST/doc/bibtexu/README.