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diffindex-download: Download utility for Debian Contents files


diffindex-download - Download utility for Debian Contents files


diffindex-download [ options ] URL filename


diffindex-download is a command line tool for downloading Contents files. It uses APT's diff/Index format patches when available to avoid downloading the full file. diffindex-download is used by apt-file.


-n number
If more than number patches would be necessary, download the whole file. Specifying 0 to always download the whole file is possible.
Don't verify the peer certificate when using https.
-c cacert
If cacert is a directory: Use cacert as CA certificate path. Otherwise use cacert as CA certificate bundle. See the --capath and --cacert options in the curl(1) man page.
Don't exit with errror if the URL does not exist. This is useful as some archives don't provide Contents files.
Be quiet (opposite of -v). The default if stdout is not a terminal.
Be verbose (opposite of -q). The default if stdout is a terminal.
Print additional debug info.
Display a short help screen.


diffindex-download was written by Stefan Fritsch <sf [at] debian.org>.


apt-file(1), diffindex-rred(1), curl(1)