ffado-dice-firmware (1) - Linux Manuals

ffado-dice-firmware: firmware download application for DICE-based devices


ffado-dice-firmware - firmware download application for DICE-based devices


ffado-dice-firmware [OPTION...]


ffado-dice-firmware permits firmware updates to be made to DICE-based devices under Linux.


-h, --help
Display brief usage information and exit
-p, --port=NUM
Specify use of IEEE1394 port NUM
-v, --verbose=LEVEL
Produce verbose output. The higher the LEVEL the more verbose the messages. The some verbose messages may only be available of FFADO was compiled with debugging enabled.
-d, --delete=IMAGENAME
Delete image by name.
-e, --dump=FILENAME
Extract current DICE device flash contents into file FILENAME
-f, --flash=FILENAME
Write firmware file FILENAME to DICE device.
-i, --image-info
Show detailed information about each image within the firmware on the device.
-m, --flash-info
Show information about the flash memory on the device.
-s, --dice-info
Show DICE image vendor and product information.
-t, --test OPERATION
Invoke a test/debug operation. Possible OPERATIONs are 1 (POKE, write to address) and 2 (PEEK, read from address). Refer to the source code for further information.
-n, --node NODE
Specify the node to operate on.


Manipulating firmware can cause your device to stop working. The FFADO project accepts no responsibility if this occurs as a result of using this tool.