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fig2ps2tex: generate a TeX file for including a PostScript file


fig2ps2tex - generate a TeX file for including a PostScript file


fig2ps2tex file


Fig2ps2tex generates a TeX file for including a PostScript file in a TeX document. This involves calculating the bounding box from the Postscript document. The TeX inclusion file is written to stdout.

There is also Fig2ps2tex.csh for those systems with csh and dc.

Note that the psfig macro package provides a more sophisticated approach to including Postscript files in LaTeX documents. Fig2ps2tex works with plain TeX however.


Assume the Postscript file is called . The command

% fig2ps2tex >foo.tex

will create the inclusion file with bounding information. Then include this file in your TeX document with the command



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psfig(1), latex(1), fig2dev(1), transfig(1).