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git-send-bugzilla: Attach patches to a bugzilla bug


git-send-bugzilla - Attach patches to a bugzilla bug


git-send-bugzilla [OPTIONS] (--dry-run | <bugid>)


Attach each commit between <since> and <until> to the bug <bugid> on GNOMEcqs bugzilla. If ..<until> is not specified, the head of the current working tree is implied.

If -n (or bugzilla.numbered in the repository configuration) is specified, instead of "[PATCH] Subject", the first line is formatted as "[n/m] Subject".


-b|--url <url>

The Bugzilla URL.

-u|--username <username>

Your Bugzilla user name.

-p|--password <password>

Your Bugzilla password.


Send all the selected commits as a single patch.


Prefix attachment names with [n/m].

--start-number <n>

Start numbering the patches at <n> instead of 1.


Doncqt do anything for real. If you use this option you shouldncqt specify a bug id.


You can specify an URL, an user name and a password for the bugzilla in the repository configuration as follows:

        url = ""
        username = "wanda [at]"
        password = "********"

If you doncqt specify one of them in the repository configuration nor in the command line, git-send-bugzilla will ask for it before trying to attach the patches.


git-send-bugzilla -n 12345 master Extract all commits which are in the current branch but not in the master branch. Each commit will be attached as a single patch to the bug #12345


Written by Steve Fr'ecinaux <m[blue]code [at] istique.netm[][1]>.


Documentation by Steve Fr'ecinaux <m[blue]code [at] istique.netm[][1]>.


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