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hpialarms: A openhpi sample application that shows "Alarm Control" management instruments


hpialarms - A openhpi sample application that shows "Alarm Control" management instruments


 hpialarms [-D id] [-N host[:port]] [-C <cfgfile>]
           [-a 1|0][-b 1|0][-c 1|0][-m 1|0][-n 1|0][-p 1|0][-i n][-o][-X][-h]
 hpialarms [--domain=id] [--host=host[:port]] [--cfgfile=file] 
           [--diska=1|0] [--diskb=1|0] [--critical=1|0] [--major=1|0]
           [--minor=1|0] [--power=1|0] [--chassisid=n] [--all] [--debug] [--help]


hpialarms walks the RPT (Resource Presence Table) for resources that have ``Alarm Control'' management instruments (SAHPI_CTRL_LED).

If no domain or host is selected, hpialarms uses the default domain as specified in the openhpiclient.conf file.


(No Option) Display alarm states

Help Options:

-h, --help
Show help options

Application Options:

-c 1|0, --critical=1|0
Set critical alarm on|off
-m 1|0, --major=1|0
Set major alarm on|off
-n 1|0, --minor=1|0
Set minor alarm on|off
-a 1|0, --diska=1|0
Set diska alarm on|off
-b 1|0, --diskb=1|0
Set diskb alarm on|off
-p 1|0, --power=1|0
Set power alarm on|off
-i n, --chassisid=n
Set chassis id on for n seconds
-o, --all
Set all alarms off
-D nn, --domain=nn
Select domain id nn
-X, --debug
Display debug messages
-N "host[:port]", --host="host[:port]"
Open session to the domain served by the daemon at the specified URL (host:port). This option overrides the OPENHPI_DAEMON_HOST and OPENHPI_DAEMON_PORT environment variables. If host contains ':' (for example IPv6 address) then enclose it in square brackets. For example: ``[::1]'' or ``[::1]:4743''.
-C "file", --cfgfile="file"
Use passed file as client configuration file. This option overrides the OPENHPICLIENT_CONf environment variable.


 hpialarmpanel ver 0.6
 RptInfo: UpdateCount = 5, UpdateTime = 8a2dc6c0
 rptentry[0] resourceid=1 tag: Mullins
 RDR[45]: ctltype=2:1 oem=0  Chassis Identify Control
 RDR[48]: ctltype=0:1 oem=10 Front Panel Power Alarm LED         state = off
 RDR[51]: ctltype=0:1 oem=13 Front Panel Minor Alarm LED         state = ON
 RDR[46]: ctltype=0:0 oem=0  Cold Reset Control
 RDR[49]: ctltype=0:1 oem=11 Front Panel Critical Alarm LED      state = off
 RDR[50]: ctltype=0:1 oem=12 Front Panel Major Alarm LED         state = off


Authors of this man page:

 Peter D Phan (pdphan [at] users.sourceforge.net)
 Ulrich Kleber (ulikleber [at] users.sourceforge.net)
 Anton Pak (avpak [at] users.sourceforge.net)


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